For healthy aging, we need to learn how to care for ourselves. We found that people in the last years of life needed nurturing as much as infants did during their first years. Unfortunately, most old people got less positive feedback and nurturing as they grew older. They lost confidence as they lost their positions, spouses, homes, and other sources of meaning.

 Older people must care for themselves by taking care of their “physician within,” their internal healing mechanisms. They comprise the regulatory, protective, regenerative, compensatory, and recuperative systems. Good health makes illnesses less probable, less severe, and less deleterious.

We also saw that motivation and determination were first needed, while self-discipline came next. Lastly, we needed a fourth step, commitment, to continue efforts toward good aging. These four emotions were part of our will and so good aging was largely up to us.

Green care is care focused on learning to care

Green Care uses new findings in human development to explain how to form good leadership.