Green care is care focused on learning to care

Green Care uses new findings in human development to explain how to form good leadership. 


With the pace of change and mounting competition, businesses have to innovate continuously.  Companies need integrity (honesty and courage) to innovate.  Companies have to be very honest about needs, costs, and returns, as well as have the courage to change the development, design, or marketing in response to feedback.

 Since Green Care is care focused on learning to care, it is another way to say that a company’s development needs some of the same back-and- forth interactive care needed in developing infants and people of all ages.  After all, companies are made by and for people.

Successful companies do not make faulty products or do so dishonestly.  They make products and services that excellently fit people’s greatest needs.  They distribute profits widely, retool appropriately, and innovate caringly.

Adam Smith claimed that capitalism was meant to provide a livelihood for every family.  According to him, corporations should be helped by government “only to the extent that it helped families.”