Green care is care focused on learning to care

Green Care uses new findings in human development to explain how to form good leadership. 


We taught our students to learn to care for their patients, clients, or customers by seeing how they were like them. This way to like others was recommended to all teachers at all levels of education. Also, the learning itself needed emotional nurturing since all our mental structuring, recall, and analysis was governed by emotion.

Emotion plays the central role in structuring our will (values, beliefs, biases). All our perceptions (experiences) have a corresponding amount of emotion which is what makes the impressions in our brains. Without understanding the various and arbitrary ways we have built our wills (values and beliefs), we would not understand nor be able to make compromises, changes, and improvements in ourselves and others.

We found that being cared for and caring for others were the keys to forming good students and good leaders in a thinking sense, an interactive sense, and ethical sense.