Green care is care focused on learning to care

Green Care uses new findings in human development to explain how to form good leadership. 


The environment is not just the natural phenomena around us, but includes what it means to be a part of a community, nation, and planet.  Accordingly, we must respect each other’s rights to share in our common resources, responsibilities, and benefits. 

We need to explain how some actions are not allowing our planet to function according to the natural law, which, according to Aquinas, should be the basis of all morality.

Getting political parties and nations to work together on environmental problems is absolutely needed to save the earth from “global warming.” Naomi Klein in her book This Changes Everything explains that gas emissions increased annually by 1% in the 1990s, but now increase on an average annual rate of 3%.  Most importantly, we need to realize that these gas emission results are accumulative.

Environmental analysis illustrates the interactions among the systems of the earth and the four perspectives of Aristotle regarding changes.  The four principles of Green Care explain how we can deal with the four aspects of reality in terms of motivating caring for any these aspects.  The key to survival is to learn how to care for others and our planet.