Principles of Green Care

1. We all have the same sequence of steps of development. (Piaget)
2. All perceptions are “duel coded” with emotions. (Greenspan)
3. We are formed by emotional distinctions / regulating. (Greenspan)
4. We must gain compassion to form a good (humane) will. (Frankl)

Green care is care focused on learning to care

Green Care uses new findings in human development to explain how to form good leadership. 


The National Center for Green Care in the United States is unique among such centers since it formulated a theoretical framework for Green Care. The McGoverns found that the secret of success at the Green Care farms was that the residents cared for living things (plants, animals, and people) as well as received care from the farmer and his helpers.

The McGoverns discovered that psychologists or psychiatrists like Piaget, Greenspan, and Frankl were just explaining different aspects of the steps of human development. They realized that these clinicians were focusing on just one of Aristotle’s four kinds of causes. Aristotle explained that there were four ways to explain what was happening when things changed:  how, what, who, and why.

The McGoverns explained how “caring” was the key to development and how the four dimension of reality of Aristotle provided a framework to gather the insights of Piaget, Greenspan, and Frankl: